We're sorry: As at the start of 2005, Outsource Advice has closed its doors. We wish you the best.
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Data Conversions For Recruiters

Because of our unique experience at founding and management levels of Personic we are able to bring a high level of expertise to data conversion projects, particularly when you are looking to move to or from a Personic solution such as EZaccess or Workflow.

Read more about our offerings in this area here.

What Ever Happenned To Personic?

Many people are curious about the recent twists and turns of the company that has variously been called Highbridge, EZaccess, Personic and Xperius, which was bought by Unicru and which is now owned by Bond. If you have a Personic product and are not curious, we think you should be.

Read our Brief History Of Personic.

We Recommend Bullhorn Staffing

...for those considering a migration from a legacy Personic product such as EZaccess or Workflow. Find out why.

Safety Net For Personic Customers

If you are a Personic Customer you may have found their recent closure something of a wake-up call. We understand the challenge to manage your primary business asset; the information in your system and access to it.

Why? Simply because we are the people who managed the majority of Personic system deployments. We're ex-Personic employees.

For more information about the services we offer, check out our Safety Net offerings.

Assistance for ASP Pioneers

Contemporary thinking suggests the ASP model is outdated. But the fundamental business drivers for it, and the technological factors that enable it have not gone away. There's still money on the table for user enterprises, prospective Application Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors. We can help you figure out how to use the model in your organization. To learn more about ASP check out our white papers on the topic.

Application Deployment Expertise for Verticals

Outsource Advice is a consulting organization. We bring our significant experience to bear in vertical system deployments. We support Personic (Xperius) solutions, and  help customers provide or use ASP business model services. Part of our value add is our strong team, which includes senior customer service professionals.

2003-2004, outsource advice incorporated.